• Maslina, Split, Hotel Zagreb 2018

Maslina, Split, Hotel Zagreb 2018

Each year we try to satisfy our esteemed olive producers with the quality and speed of our services.

Noćnjak Maslina held in Zagreb Hotel proved that we belong to the very top of olive processing when it comes to quality. OPG Šalov won first prize with its supreme oil that they have been making in our olive oil refinery for several years, and Bilaja Olive Oil Refinery won the champion olive oil refinery award which makes us very proud and motivates us to continue with our hard work and to further improve the quality of olive oil processing.

Benedicta Terra Dalmatia

A recognizable look

The product bottle is made from enamelled glass that guarantees that the quality of the extra virgin olive oil will be preserved.


Top design

Top quality design was recognized in 2009 at Noćnjak when our product became the champion in olive oil packaging.


Unsustainable quality

Top oil quality is a result of great care for each olive fruit that the product is made from.